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Hi, I'm an Italian multidisciplinary creative working with photography, styling, and interior design.

With over 8 years of experience in crafting visual narratives, I'm here to infuse your space, brand, or project with a touch of timeless elegance and warmth. Having spent 4 years in the vibrant city of Dublin and now calling Copenhagen home for the past 5 years, my work reflects the fusion of my Italian roots with the clean, minimalistic lines of Scandinavian design. It's a journey where every space becomes a canvas, and every image tells a story.

I specialize in design concepts, styling, and the interplay of space, layouts, and colours. My goal is to define and enhance a brand's unique style and voice, bringing its essence to life through captivating visuals. From commercial projects to editorial work, I immerse myself in interior, fashion, food, and lifestyle photography.

My love for travel extends beyond exploration—it's where I draw inspiration. Connecting with people and cultures fuels my creative spirit. I'm passionate about blending the minimalism of Scandinavia with the warmth of my Mediterranean heritage. Each image I create is not just a visual, but a story—a feeling of familiarity and cosiness.

- Beatrice


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